Ebook Publishing with MomentoXtra

Ebooks are electronic, downloadable books that can be read
on a wide range of eReader devices from Amazon Kindle Readers,
Kobo Readers, Ipads and Adobe Digital Editions software for
laptop computers.

Millions of eBooks are now being downloaded on-line.
Amazon recently announced that it is selling more eBooks than
paperbacks . . . and the market is growing larger week by week.

MomentoXtra can help you take advantage of this new revolution
in self-publishing by taking your Word or Rich Text files and
formatting them into the various formats for all of the most
common Ereader Devices. Our service includes designing and
setting-up your own, specific book cover (sourcing an image file
relevant to your own specific publication subject) and a fully
linkable Table of Contents. We also customise a Meta-Tag file
for your publication to embed the most relevant subject
keywords into your ebook file(s).

Pricing starts from as little as £45 for books up to 100 pages.

Simply email us directly at: info@momentoprint.com with
“Ebook Information Request” in the subject line of your email, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Download our “Preparing Digital Artwork for Successful Printing” booklet for your own Ereader Device below:

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Epub for Ereaders such as Kobo or Adobe Digital Editions  

Preparing Digital Artwork for Printing - Momento Print.mobi

Mobi for Amazon
Kindle Ereaders


PDF format

If you experience any problems with downloading any of our three Ebook formats, please email us direct at: