Binding Booklets and Presentation Documents !!!

Our automatic Imposition software means we can easily produce
Booklets from almost any file application.

We support all the major Word Processing packages or can advise
on the most efficient way of supplying files.

We specialise in short-run document binding, including University
Thesis and Presentation documents, in a wide range of formats:

Wiro Binding

Comb Binding

Calendar Binding

Folding and Stapling

All with a number of Cover Options.

We also specialise in printing and designing CV’s (including converting to PDF file
format for ease-of-emailing).

No project is too small . . . from ONE to ONE THOUSAND . . . Call or email to
request an Estimate on any of your Booklet, Document or CV requirements.

PRINT-OUTS from Email or Memory Sticks (but not* external USB hard-drives)

We ALWAYS recommend saving your work in PDF Format. So always save your Microsoft Word files directly from Word into PDF format, (or see our FREE PDF Convertor link on our Supplying Artwork page). This is because many text programs such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, Pages, Publisher etc. use default settings on your computer for typefaces, page margins, line-spacing, page and paragraph breaks, word-space measurements etc. as percentage values and therefore they often re-flow and change format when opened on another computer. Always saving your work in PDF format ensures all the default values used when your document was created will be embedded and retained in your supplied PDF file when sent to print.

NB* Please note that we are not able to mount, or plug-in, external USB hard-drives into our network, or any of our in-store computers !!! So to save yourself time, and inconvenience, we always recommend emailing your files via standard email, or for larger files, using one of the many free link-transfer services (see our Emailing Large Files page for our own free-file transfer FTP link or for more information on other sites).  

For Colour printing every subsequent page is cheaper to print than the previous one.Scroll Back to the Top of this page for our Presentation, and Thesis, Binding options, often available whilst you wait (depending on volume and schedules).


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