Supplying Artwork - Please read!

If your Artwork already exists in a digital (computer) format, we always recommend that you supply the Artwork in Adobe PDF format. This format has quickly become the Industry Standard for printing artwork. Provided that your PDF files are prepared correctly (see below and right) they offer the best and safest solution to efficient Litho or Digital Printing.

IMPORTANT: Please either email, or ftp-upload your single files to us (see separate page Emailing Large Files). Or, when you order directly on-line from our product pages here, you will be automatically re-directed to our Upload page after placing your order. (The benefit of ordering directly on-line here is that many of our products have discounted prices exclusive to this website). We can accept files brought into the store on CD, or USB-Memory Sticks, Portable Drives, however ALL disks will be virus-scanned BEFORE opening or checking your files. If your USB Device is larger than 80 Megabytes this virus-scan may take 15 minutes or longer and, therefore, may incur an additional cost!!

Most PC’s are now supplied with an automatic PDF-writer as part of their printer-driver set-ups. Ask your supplier for details . . . or, there are several free PDF-writer utilities available for download from the Internet. i.e. The EXCELLENT Neevia Technology PDF converter at for PC, or if you are on a Mac, we would recommend you try the following:

PREPARING YOUR PDF FILES – (Select Compatibility to
Acrobat 6.0 or earlier !!!)

When creating your PDF file from the actual host programme the artwork was produced in, it is important to ensure you EMBED all Fonts AND Images, or pictures, within your document. You should also de-select any “Downsizing” or “Compression” of your Images, (in other words DO NOT select Zip or Jpeg Compression etc). You should also have converted any Graphics or Pictures in your artwork to CMYK format before inserting them into your artwork document (see our Colour Issues Page for more information).

Always set CROP MARKS to print when preparing your PDF file,
as without these it may make it IMPOSSIBLE to trim your
artwork to the correct size after printing. Any background
Colour or Images that go right to the edge of your design
MUST be extended a further 3mm outside the trim area.
This is because guillotining must have a “bleed” area, as it
is IMPOSSIBLE to cut a large number of sheets on a line or
white edge. For the same reason, ensure that ALL text
is 5mm away from the edge of your artwork. (See the
illustration on the right which we use for our URGENT
24-Hour Business Card Templates, however please note
the principle of BLEED and SAFE MARGINS is the SAME for ALL SIZES of printed documents whether they are Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Card Flyers, Letterheadings etc. etc.).

However, DON’T PANIC if you are not able to supply PDF’s we can accept files in a wide range of formats:
(Please note: There is a Minimum Charge of £25 for converting files to correct set-up for printing !!!)

*Why NOT Photoshop FILES? Avoid supplying native Photoshop (PSD) format files !
This is due to possible conflicts that can arise with Photoshop Plug-Ins and the different treatments that can occur when flattening multi-layered PSD files on a different platform, or operating system, than that on which they were created. ALWAYS merge your layers and CONVERT your PSD files to CMYK Tiff or PDF files BEFORE supplying them to us for printing. We may be able to successfully convert your PSD files, but this will incur additional conversion charges and may delete special effects you have created, or in some cases, may even reduce the output resolution of your image. !!!

Design Tip !!! Avoid using vignettes or tinted gradient effects in your artwork – these may look good on screen but rarely print effectively. Check our Colour Issues Page for further detailed information.!

FREE ARTWORK TEMPLATES !!! Free Artwork Templates
are available for more guidance / help on correct digital
artwork set-up (please click for additional information).

5mm 3mm

Blue Zone shows TYPE area 5mm from each edge of finished Card Size.

Pink Zone shows Bleed area if
Background colour or image fills the full width or depth of finished Card Size.

85mm Trim Size

55mm Trim Size

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Follow the 3 illustrations below. Or, ask us to convert, or design your artwork for you, for very probably cheaper than you think. 3mm

85mm Trim Size

55mm Trim Size

Correct: Crop Marks, Background Extended by 3mm outside Finished Size, Text 5mm inside Finished Size, No Keyline Box.

85mm Trim Size

55mm Trim Size

My Very Own Business

My name here

Managing Director

Tel: 07833 333 333


123 Address Road,  Address Town,  This will be cut off


NOT Correct !!! No Crop Marks, Background Stops at the outside of the Finished Size,
Text is too close to the edge of the Finished Size, There is a Keyline Box around the edge!!


The above Illustration Set is drawn to a Standard Business Card size . . .
However . . . the principle remains the same for all Sizes of Artwork Printing.

(See our Templates Page for more sizing, bleed and safe-area margins information).

NB: We strongly recommend you take a few minutes to TICK through the checklist below.
This will help reduce the possibility of errors
printing your artwork, help avoid delays and additional file conversion costs.  


Crop Marks added to all edges Colours are CMYK or single Black (not RGB) Artwork supplied 1-up ONLY & correct size! 3mm Bleed added to all edges Safe area of 5mm from all trim edges All Fonts embedded or converted to outlines All images are at least 300dpi resolution All layers & transparent areas flattened Once TICKED and confirmed, you  may upload your artwork from the  file-upload page which you will be directed to after your payment  has been received. I have read, and understood, the Terms and Conditions relating to my order, specifically relating to Payment, Electronic Artwork and Proofing. Take a note of the Order Reference No. which will be generated automatically if you are ordering on-line. We recommend you select, and TICK the checklist to the right to help avoid delays and extra costs to your print order. EMAIL YOUR ARTWORK DIRECT: Mail: Order to Momento Print&body=Re our on-line Printing Order Ref: