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Here at Momentoprint, we are able to process print jobs using a wide variety of file types and formats. However to ensure the best possible results in terms of quality and accuracy, we highly recommend supplying your artwork as print ready PDF files.

When it comes to urgent laser jet jobs we are able to offer a bit of flexibility when it comes to digital files, however all of our premium litho jobs will require print ready PDFs.

What makes a print ready PDF file?

For a file to be deemed print ready it must meet the following criteria...

Size :
The size of the printable area has to match the size that you intend on printing. We are unable to scale litho prints, so please ensure that the size is accurate.

Crop Marks and Bleed :
Each edge of your artwork requires a 3mm bleed zone, with any background colours or images extending into the bleed zone. Crop marks have to be included to indicate where the printable area ends and where the bleed zone begins.

Fonts :
Fonts have to be embedded within the document. Alternatively, if in any doubt you can also convert your text to vectors (lines) to ensure that your text always appears as intended.

Colour Profile :
We highly recommend exporting your PDF using the CMYK colour profile. We cannot guarantee that an RGB colour profile will not result in printing errors.

Compatibility :
Where possible, please export you file to the PDF/1XA file format.

If you are unsure about how to create a print ready PDF then please contact us for assistance.


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